Sehr sehr sauber gestochen, bin super zufrieden, er is sehr freundlich, nur jedem zu empfehlen.. der ein anständiges Tattoo will! I Love it

Sascha Janisch 4 reviews・1 photo  in the last week

“Absolut empfehlenswert!” Bei mir hat er mein Tattoo freihändig gezeichnet und dann gestochen. Bin sehr sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis :-) An den der nichts zu trinken bekommen hat: “Wenn ich was trinken will geh ich in die Kneipe und nicht ins Tattoo Studio!!!” Wenn ich aber ein Spitzen Tattoo haben möchte dann gehe ich zu Gabe ins Rose Tattoo. Ausserdem absolut Hygienisch und Gabe ist ein Klasse Typ.

Jennefer Kandlinger vor einer Woche
Einfach nur top hygienisch sehr nett immer wieder gerne
manfred reber vor 2 Monaten
sehr saubere Arbeit, netter Mensch, werde wieder kommen
Ella Stark vor 2 Monaten

Super tattoo

Katrin Fink reviewed ROSE Tattoo Parlor Bad Tölz — 5 star September 18 ·
 Perfect!!! Super work totally satisfied.
FürEmma UndEwig reviewed ROSE Tattoo Parlor Bad Tölz5 star April 30 

Immer wieder fantastisch was er macht!

Absolut begeistert! Bin spontan hingegangen und sofort drangekommen. Er ist auf all meine Wünsche eingegangen. Nächsten Tattoos werden definitiv von ihm gemacht !!

Bin absolut zufrieden! Er ist auf jeden meiner Wünsche eingegangen. Bin spontan hingegangen und sofort drangekommen. Werde definitiv meine nächsten Tattoos dort stechen lassen.

I Love my New tattoo

Also ich bin absolut begeistert von Ihm!! Mit seiner Arbeit hat er meine Erwartungen sogar übertroffen…Perfekt und sauber gearbeitet!! Thanks soo much!!!!

Sehr sympathischer Kerl, der sein Handwerk absolut versteht. Jederzeit wieder!

Gabe is amoi a sympathischer Kerl, mit dem ma a lacha ko.
As nachste, er versteht sei Fach. Freehand is wos das ma kenna muas, und er kann’s auf jeden Foi.
Preis & Leistung bass’n, Hygiene is a richtig bei iam.
Kann iam nur empfehl’n, mei Tattoo’s vo iam han genial gstoch’n.

Deb Howard-Rauls reviewed ROSE Tattoo Parlor Bad Tölz5 star December 16, 2016 

Gabe’s incredibly talented w/his artwork (and so VERY clean at his station – that means a LOT, knowing he protects us so carefully), and a very precious family man. I cherish my tattoo every day, and will never forget his gentleness. It’s the only tattoo I have, and will remain that way – I know my skin was a challenge for him, since I’m older than most of his clients. Way to go Gabe!! Always on my arm, always in my heart!! Bless you & the family!

Marius Søreide reviewed ROSE Tattoo Parlor Bad Tölz5 star July 3, 2016

I have been at Gabe’s shop many times and got tattoos , and every time is just killer . Gabe is a friendly cool guy , he’s very talented on freehand tattoes…he always makes them better than the idea you have in your mind…besides the tattoes the overall experience is something I would call a lifetime happening , it makes me happpy to look back on the memories.

Gabe is a great artist and a very nice guy. If you get a chance you should get a sweet tattoo from him.

Perfekt und Super!! Hat meine Vorstellungen vollkommen übertroffen, super sauber gestochen und der Preis ist auch mehr als fair ;) ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Tattoo was ich auch wieder nur im Rose bei Gabe stechen lasse ;)

Perfekt, super und mega sauber! Besseren tattoo Künstler könnte ich mir nicht vorstellen! Er legt viel wert auf Hygiene und Sauberkeit! Er hat mein Wunsch von einen tattoo perfekt getroffen und sehr sauber gestochen. Ich werde definitiv mein zweites bei ihm wieder machen lassen!

Hatte total angst vorm tätowieren …War gar nicht soooo schlimm es wurde super meine Kinder und Mann alle begeistert und Preis denk ich passt auch . .ich werde ihn auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen …

Gabes Arbeit ist einzigartig ❤️ er ist wohl der beste tättoowierer den wir je in Tölz hatten!! Ich freu mich auf die nächste Session schön das du hier bist.

Tattoo ist wieder mal einfach super geworden, bin absolut zufrieden, werde auch von vielen darauf angesprochen, dass es super aussieht. Werde ihn auf alle Fälle weiter empfehlen

Danke für deine Arbeit es ist einfach super geworden.
Werde wieder kommen

Maurice Daems reviewed ROSE Tattoo Parlor Bad Tölz5 star  July 13, 2016

Gradioser Tattoo Guy sehr gute Arbeit. Sehr Freundlich und Erfahren.

Vielen dank für mein cover up !
Bin super begeistert von deinen Künsten.
Werde bestimmt nochmal kommen ;) !!

Renca Bauer reviewed ROSE Tattoo Parlor Bad Tölz5 star May 30, 2016

Echt Super tolle Arbeit!!!
Bin total zufrieden und begeistert
Vielen dank
Werde auf jeden Fall wieder kommen

Bester Tätowierer den ich ja gesehen habe. Hat meinen Flickenteppicharm in ein Kunstwerk verwandelt

Cleo Patra reviewed ROSE Tattoo Parlor Bad Tölz5 star June 11, 2016

Ich komme auf jeden Fall wieder und freue mich schon auf sein nächstes Kunstwerk!
Vielen lieben Dank Gabe

Fabelhaft kommen auf jedenfall wieder

Rachel G.
Laguna Niguel, CA
I called a little over a week ago (last Thursday I believe) and spoke with a very nice guy by the name of Rob. He did a consultation with me right over the phone and explained to him about a portion of a tattoo I have that I wanted covered. He immediately talked with me and understood exactly what I had envisioned as far as expanding my existing piece and making it better. We booked my appointment for that Saturday. I went into the shop and it is a really sweet classy place located in the heart of the Orange Circle. Parking was a little intense because there was some sort of street festival going on (I think they may have this every Saturday) but it really ended up being not a huge issue. I came in with my pictures and was greeted by Rob. He took about 30 mins. to come up with a piece and what he came up with was beautiful! The whole process was about 3 or so hours but Rob made me feel great as he was talking me through each portion he was doing. What he came up with and what I now proudly showcase is just phenomenal. He really did a great job with the use of color and intricate outlines. I’ve already gotten compliments within this week on his work. Bottom line – if you’re looking for a professional, clean, and pleasant place to get inked, this is the place for you. I won’t go anywhere else now!

Louie N.
La Habra, CA
Gabe , is an incredible artist. I got inked by Gabe back in 2006. I got a Jack Skellington piece on the outer left lower leg. Gabe gave it his touch & he has Jack popping out at you. Such a great piece of art. I want more. On the day I met Gabe he was open & informative about his style his experiences tattooing around the world. I went home to discuss my meeting & to convince my wife that I found my new artist. We went back a few days later to sit with Gabe so my wife could get a feel for his work & to see the shop. After providing Gabe with about 25 photos from the movie, he returned about 20 mins later with this piece that was incredible. I told Gabe that I wanted Jack to pop off my leg went people ask to see it. I gave him free reign on my tattoo. After a 3 1/2 hr session we were dione with stage 1. OMG!!!  I came back a few weeks later for touch ups & enhancements. That was another 2 hrs. I am beyond PLEASED with his work & I am doing my best to get back for more. Thank you Gabe!!

Yesterday I walked into OC Gabes with a tattoo that needed to be finished with alot of work, he looked at it and took me right back, He sat me down and free handed the whole thing it looks way better then I would have ever expected. I loved everything about my experance their. The vibe in the shop was way cool the vibe from the artists was great and I HIGHLY RECCOMEND OC TATTOO GABE weather you need restoration or you want a new fresh piece this is definitely a spot you want to check out I promise you, you will dig your experence and the artists. THANKYOU GABE AND ROB for all your hospitality yesterday Im VERY HAPPY AND PEASED with you both and your work we’ll definitely be seeing you guys soon

S c.
Anaheim, CA
Rob Silva is an amazing artist who has a heart for people, LOVES Jesus and his job!  You can get great art work, and great conversation in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.   It’s like I’m hanging out with my brother, the one I never had.  Rob is a very friendly and wise brother in the Lord!  His casa es tu casa while your there, last time we had an appointment he shared his lunch!

There is a neat little gallery to browse while you are there too.  Rob has done multiple pieces for me will do a lot more, “If the Lord tarries”.  God Bless you Rob, your family and business.

Craig V.
Fountain Valley, CA
Gabe csobi is an awesome artist and I love his shop Orange Circle Tattoo & kustom Kulture art gallery. After discussing what I wanted to get he sat down and completely freehanded the tattoo on to my leg. I love the suttle details he added to it to really make it stand out. I wish I had found him sooner as his tattoo is definetly the best one I have ever recieved. I definetly will not be going anywhere else. Gabe is a great guy who actually makes you feel welcome to be there. (I can’t even tell you how many shops  I’ve walked into that just give you the cold shoulder when you come in and just seem to care less if your in theyre shop or not). You will never get that feeling here. And its nice to be in a shop where you don’t have to listen to gangster rap the whole time your sitting there.  Big plus for me

Craig W.
Irvine, CA
Updated – 2/2/2012
I am about half way through an entire back piece and the work that he has done is out of this world! Last night after our session I got home and looked in the mirror and was blown away with the details!  The art work is about half way done & it already looks better than I could imagine! Gabe is an extremely talented guy!  He hass earned my business for life!

This is the most unique Tattoo shop that I have ever seen.  I get all of my ink work done here!… Read more »

Dawn T.
Yorba Linda, CA
I went in on November 29th for my 18th birthday to get a tattoo by Gabe. I met with him two weeks prior to have my tiny idea come to life and blown up by a real artist. I was amazed that he understood exactly what I wanted and saw the vision how I mapped it out in my head. This was my first tattoo and I was extremely nervous (being the perfectionist and noobie that i was, i had no idea what i was getting myself into!) but he made me feel at ease and went right to work. My tattoo came out flawless and vibrant, the colors he chose pops out on my skin tone and whenever i’m wearing a short sleeved shirt…someone always notices and asks where ive gotten it done and what it means. I’m going back in a month or so to get my next tattoo done by him because he’s extremely versatile and beyond talented. I’m so happy i did my research and picked the perfect artist to brand me for my first time.

Jessica P.
Orange, CA
Went in to get an estimate and was helped out by Rob. He was super helpful and I ended up going through with it! He is patient, kind, thorough, and very skilled. I would definitely recommend for a good price and excellent service. Can’t go wrong here, Rob knew how to help me pick what I wanted and was very patient as I was a first timer! Very funny and easy to get along with. Don’t go anywhere else! I would definitely come back.

Brent P.
Orange, CA
Went in with some miss matched “Sailor Jerry” traditional tattoo work that I had on my upper right arm and elbow. Talked over what I wanted to have done with Rob and Immediately got a good vibe from Rob and the over all shop itself, so I set up my appointment. When I came in for my appointment I was greeted with a smile and could not believe how excited Rob was to actually do the work! Once again I had a really good vibe about everything. He put my piece together and helped me decide which piece of art should go where on my arm. After all of the artwork that I had picked out myself was done there was still a lot of open area in my slave which I did not want, Rob ( who is an exceptional artist) gladly helped me out with other traditional “filler” which he did free hand and my arm piece came out exceptional! He really understood the look that I was going for was a pleasure to have the work done by and his price for the work done cannot be beat!!! I could not be more satisfied. If you are looking to get a tattoo then this is definitely the place to go! I cannot stress what a great place this is

Nicole L.
Wasilla, AK
Gabe is the best out there, hands down!!  I decided to make a last minute trip from Alaska to visit friend is southern California.  After a bit of thinking, I decided it was time to get some new ink and thought my trip would be the perfect opportunity.  I knew what I wanted, but really didn’t know where to go.  I did a lot of Internet research and came up with a few options.  I called all of them and either they didn’t call back or they couldn’t fit me in with my busy schedule.  Until I found Gabe Csobi that is!!!  He called me back right away and told me that he would be able to get me in.  It was Valentines day and he came into the shop bright and early at 8am!  We were alone in the shop for at least the first 3 hours or so.  But I was not the least bit nervous and Gabe made me feel as comfortable as possible throughout the whole process.  And the process started with a ball point pen and he drew a rough sketch or what he was going to do and I gave him the go ahead.  My tattoo turned out exactly the way I wanted it!  I would go all the way back to California, just to get work done by Gabe.  He is THAT GOOD!

Swami A.
Laguna Beach, CA
If you want a tattoo, this is your place. Whether you’re a first-timer or already well-inked, this is a clean, classy, truly professional place.  The mood of the place itself is cool, welcoming and not at all intimidating.  Gabe’s done almost all of my tattoos, and his talent and skill are astounding.  He puts the “artist” back in “tattoo artist”.    Most recently, I went in for two shoulder pieces: two Sanskrit verses.  Very intricate and complex. They turned out fantastic!  Better than I imagined.  He’s expert both at copying an existing image, as well as sketching freehand and filling in all the details.  Basically he can do about anything you want.  And I’ve watched Rob in action—also incredibly talented, professional, and a great sense of humor.  When you get a tattoo, you’ve got to trust your artist.  If you come here, you’re in good hands.

Travis T.
Huntington Beach, CA
Getting ink done can be a scary thing. It’s forever… So you don’t want someone who’s either new or that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Gabe Csobi is an amazing artist. If you’re looking to get a tat, he’s your best bet!

shannon t.
Westminster, CA
I am so happy that I was patient and did a long search to find the right artist for the job! I had a tattoo that I was desperate to get covered up as it was a painful reminder of something tragic in my life. I did not just want any ole tattoo to cover it. I wanted something I would love to see everyday. Something that would make me smile and  Gabe Csöbi made that happen! Amazing work! So professional! So very creative! I spent quite a while looking at different artists (before getting tattoo by Gabe) and more than once found myself looking again at Gabe’s work. I made the right choice and am proud to say I have a tattoo by Gabe Csobi !!!  Go visit Gabe at Orange Circle Tattoo & Kustom Kulture Art Gallery. You will be glad you did! I am.

Jeffrey S.
Chicago, IL
These guys were super friendly, knowledgeable, and, best of all, skilled! I hadn’t been tattooed in years, but got bit while window shopping the portfolios here. Whatever, I’ll pay rent next month — for now, I got a bitchin new back piece! Thanks very much to Gabe Csöbi and all the folks at Orange Circle Tattoo.
Keep Truckin,

Denise D.
San Jose, CA
If your looking for the right Tattoo “Artist” Gabe is the man, I had an idea for a tattoo after my mom and Grandma passed. And Gabe took it an ran with it and after 7 1/2 hrs I had the MOST AMAZING piece of art on my body that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I loved it so much I went back and got another one on my other side. Again he created another MASTER PIECE on me. His lettering, his ideas, his imagination, his drawings are something that I will treasure. All the work he did on me is all free hand, give him and idea a pen and he will DO WORK!!!
I live in San Jose and he is so worth the 6 hr drive. I WILL be back for more.
He’s not only the most amazing Tattoo Artist he is a man that listens to what YOU want and will give you ideas that you never knew existed.

Thanks Gabe for the amazing art I have on me forever.


Greg G.
Carlsbad, CA
I first met Gabe Csobi at a tattoo convention.  When I saw him freehand draw an octopus half sleeve on someone with a ball point pen without ever looking at the picture the guy had brought in a second time, I knew he was the tattoo artist for me right there.  He’s done a huge piece on my back and recently did a memorial tattoo on my forearm of my dad’s artwork from when he was twenty.  His work is amazing.  True artist using skin as his canvas.  Look at his work.  It says it all.  Mestermunka!  Köszönöm Gabe.  I highly recommend Gabe.

Ramon G.
Anaheim, CA
Friendly down right nostalgic feeling. Gabor Csöbi is a great and creative artist behind the gun and needle or the brush. I recommend orange circle tattoo shop for the first timer, enthusiasts , and of course the hot rod rockabilly punk .

Andrew B.
Palm Desert, CA
Off the wall amazing artist and over all great vibe of the tattoo shop. First tattoo and would never think about going to any one else for my second one. Gabe Csöbi at Orange Circle Tattoo & Kustom Kulture Art Gallery work is beyond words, I told him what i wanted and the meaning behind it and made it better then i could imagine, even told me how the true japanese tattoos are done. The shop is the cleanest and his portfolio is great. I came in with no schedule with him, but he was cool enough to take me and was more then patient with me since i took forever to decide. Other then just tattoos his artwork is pretty awesome. He really knows what he’s doing.

Dan T.
Costa Mesa, CA
Alight check it out… I’ve been around a lot of tattoo artists since i decided i wanted that first one several years ago and hands down Gabe is the best one i have ever known. Not only is his artwork amazing and trust me i mean amazing, he is one of the best people you will ever meet. He doesn’t have that traditional bs attitude that his sh*t  don’t stink and if you have ever been anywhere else you will know what I’m taking about. He is a very genuine person with that will never tell you off. He will do anything in his power to make you happy and want to keep coming back. Ill i can say is you will never have a bad experience here and if you don’t go here you need too! Keep it up Gabe see you soon.

Amber S.
Mission Viejo, CA
I look long and hard to find an amazing tattoo artist for my first tattoo. My dad told me he wouldn’t let me go anywhere but to Gabe Csobi’s shop in Orange off East Chapman (Orange Circle Tattoo & Kustom Kulture Art Gallery). I am 18 and I was very excited to get my first tattoo. I went in and made and gave him all the details for the tattoo I wanted on Monday and made the appointment to get it done on Thursday. It moved really fast and i was very pleased that I didn’t have to wait for weeks or even longer. It is a very comfertable enviroment and he extremely nice. he made multiple sketches of my tattoo to give me my perfect tattoo. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. i loved everything about my experience and my younger sister and my ex boyfriend have already decided that they are going to go to Gabe to get their tattoo as well.

Aron C.
Long Beach, CA
I’ve had 2 original tattoos and 2 touch ups done by Gabe Csöbi. He is amazing! The first one was a Celtic knot with my family’s zodiac signs worked in. All I did was send him pictures of the knot work that I liked and the zodiac symbols and he came up with a fantastic piece! I love it so much, and I get compliments and comments wherever I go. The touch up work that he did(on my first tattoo that I ever got and a tiny little one I got from from shop in Venice Beach) made my tattoos look better than they did when they were brand new. Gabe is friendly, knowledgeable and damned talented when it comes to tattooing. He really cares about getting your tattoo exactly right. For both of my originals, he asked me many questions about coloring and shape, size and location to make sure that it was what I wanted. I’ve been to other tattoo artists in the past, but no more. As long as I live in Southern California, Gabe is going to be the man I go to for my ink. I always recommend him to people asking about where to go to get a new tat. I can’t say enough good things about him!

Bobby C.
Irvine, CA
I waited a long time before my first piece. I wanted it big and I wanted it done right.

If you don’t have Gabe Csobi at Orange Circle Tattoo & Kustom Kulture Art Gallery in your top spot for your next piece you need to do your research. I was looking for a good portrait artist after my mom passed away and through the crazy tangled web I found Gabe. I went to his previous spot @OC  several time before i finally committed the time. The outcome, 15 hours and three sessions later I was unreal impressed. Gabe is insanely talented and maintains extreme patience for pain intolerant guys like myself. His perspectives will only enhance your design ideas and the outcome will totally surpass your expectations.

I cannot wait till my next piece, winter is here and the time is right. Go see the man and find out for yourself.

David B.
Coto De Caza, CA
After my first tattoo artist passed away last year i needed to find a new one, so i stumbled upon OC Tattoo Gabe. Right away I was greeted by a kind man with a Hungarian accent, and arms full of ink. Words couldn’t describe the great work Gabe Csöbi does. I came in with no appointment and walked out with half a sleeve of quality free hand work. His shop is very clean and his portfolio is amazing. There is alot of really nice art in his gallery and sone really cool tiki men. The guy really knows what he’s doing. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my body art besides Gabe Csöbi.

A++ for OC Tattoo Gabe

Gregory E.
Huntington Beach, CA
What can i say about gabe the hun that hasnt been said here already… hes the bomb super friendly and a great artist… if you are looking for a free hand custom tattoo hes the only one to go to.. .and no im not being paid to post or anything like that he really is just that dope….

Richard P.
Corona, CA
Gabe Csobi is the best free hand tattoo artist there is period. I have had over 50 hours of work done by Gabe. I have been very happy with all my work done by him. I have actually brought friends in that had tattoos that were messed up by other shops. Gabe was able to fix them some how. There are lots of people that Tattoo but tattoos are forever.

Diana G.
Westminster, CA
Gabe Csobi at Orange Circle Tattoo & Kustom Kulture Art Gallery is the “real deal” .  He is a true artist with the tattoo machine.  He lives the retro life style and shares it with everyone thru his work and Art gallery.  He’ll be doing my next tatoo for sure. Forget LA Ink or Miami Ink, if you wan’t quality work and a fair price, ask for Gabe.  He’ll do you right.

Jack M.
Foothill Ranch, CA
I’m 46 years old and I got my first tattoo from Gabe.  Where do you go when you want your first tattoo??  I had no idea.  I asked some friends, but didn’t get any referrals that I felt comfortable with.  After I met Gabe, I felt super comfortable with him.  He didn’t just tell me what I should do; he really worked with me on what I wanted.   I had an idea of getting the Great Wave Off  Kanagawa tattooed on my side with a couple of Kanji.  Gabe helped me refine the idea.  Without him, I know it wouldn’t have turned out as well as it did.  He even looked over some YouTube videos I sent him about the Kanagawa art.  He really turned everything I wanted into a great piece of art.  My piece took three sittings.  After each sitting he told me how well I did (on my side ribcage.) even though I knew I was a wimp;)  If you need some work done, check out his portfolio, Gabe is the best!  I would highly recommend him.

Diana N.
Garden Grove, CA
Gabe Csobi is the best tattoo artist in town, I wouldn’t go anywhere else besides him.  Gabe did my first big piece a few years back.  He took my idea and created a piece that I would never even thought of.  He freehand majority of my back piece.  Gabe is awesome, he listens to what you like and want but puts a special twist on it.  I trust him so much that when I go in I don’t even need to see a sketch before he tattoos me.  I saw him a few months back, had an idea of a bird piece I wanted on my arm.  He sketched the piece in ten min and got to work.  I’m going back in a few days to get my bird finish and get started on my other arm. Gabe is very passionate about his art work.  You can see it in the finish product.  Most of all his place and work ethics are very professional.  He makes you feel very welcomed and comfortable.  If you want a one of a kind piece, I would recommend Gabe hands down.
Thank you so much Gabe!  I love my pieces!

Michelle P.
Mission Viejo, CA
I had no tattoos but knew for a long time I wanted to get one. I knew the time would be right eventually but I didn’t want to get one “Just” for the sake of getting one.
I had been divorced for a year after and had disovered my love for life and finding my flame that had gone out after 18 yrs of marriage.
I found an image of a flaming heart and brought it into Gabe. I had read many positive reviews on him and his portfolio was amazing. We had never met yet I trusted him to make his mark that would last forever. He modified the sketch and explained what the process would be. The process was not as bad as I thought it would be and seeing that image in mirror at the end was ALL worth it. The colors were so vibrant it looked like a pen and ink drawing. The lines were crisp and clean. IT WAS PERFECT. The colors are still so bright, many people think it’s a hanna tattoo or sticker until they touch it.
Gabe is an amazing artist and I would highly recommend him.

Ove H.
Olaton, KY
I was and made a tattoo at Orange Circle Tatto on Nov 15.
Gabe did a fantastic job, i wanted him to tattoo a new car i bought and the result was way more than i expected, he is one of the greatest free hand tattoo artist i have meet and i am really pleased with his work and the way he makes you feel welcome.
I can for sure recomend Gabe for anyone that wants a first class tattoo.

Thanks a lot Gabe

Vince S.
Anaheim, CA
Gabe is absolutely the best around. He has been working on my artwork for about two years and his talents are top shelf. His newly opened shop in Orange is a class act as well as he. His prices are well in line with other shops, but his work is top quality, he listens to what your imagination and desires are regarding your work. He is extremely respectful. Very classy shop and gallery. Your tattoo is a life long work of art, have the best artist in California do your work, and that is Gabe!!!!

Rampriya D.
Santa Monica, CA
I’ve been getting tattoos since I was 16 years old. Because of being a musician … I’ve been to many shops all over the US. Gabe’s shop is definitely one of my favorites. The vibe is great and also has tons of good artwork on the walls to check out. Gabe is probably one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Getting tattoos from him is a great pleasure. He is super kind and has the gift of calming me down while I’m in the chair. I have recommended him to many friends and they have in turn told their friends about him too. I would recommend him to anybody. THANKS GABE!!!

Christine H.
Lake Forest, CA
i went and got my tattoo covered up from rob here over the weekend and i am so happy with it!

i had a tattoo on my wrist that i wanted covered up and went and talked to 5 different tattoo artists (from sids, white lotus and true at heart) and they ALL said that there was no way i could cover up what i have on my wrist due to the dark coloring i already had on it. they all recommended i add to what i already had and they all drew stuff on my wrist so i could see and of course i hated all their ideas because i didnt like my original to start with and wanted it covered!

i went to gabe’s orange circle tattoo as my last stop just to get one last opinion and was greeted by a really nice guy name rob. i told him what i wanted and showed him a pic and told him how everyone else said that it wasn’t do-able. he sat me down and started drawing stuff and within 5 mins he said he was able to do it! i was shocked cause not one other tattoo artist said it was possible.

i made my appt for the following night and sure enough, rob was able to cover it up and with what i wanted!!

highly recommend rob for any tattoo you need.. he makes anything possible!!!

Ernie h.
Lakewood, CA
I looked around Orange County and met with several tattoo artist and everyone gave me the run around and said it was either going to be expensive tattoo, or that they don’t do that type of designs, or their shop looked un-organized.

Luckily Gabe the first Tattoo Artist I found in SoCal and got a great vibe from him. Several pain session later and Im happy with my Tattoo. It covers both my shoulders and half my back.

I highly recommend you contact Gabe’s Orange Circle Tattoo and Kustom Kulture Art Gallery if you’re looking for serious artists.

Lori C.
Irvine, CA
I had been wanting a tattoo for a very long time but I wanted to make sure that I chose the right tattoo artist. So recently I went to Orange Circle Tattoo and met with Gabe. The shop has an awesome vibe and is extremely clean! I instantly felt very comfortable with Gabe and after talking with him I knew he was the perfect person to do my tattoo. I got a black and gray half sleeve and am extremely happy with it. The work he did is incredible and the detail is insanely good. What’s so cool is that he free handed it so nobody will have the exact same tattoo as me. He is an amazing artist and I would recommend him 100% to anyone who is looking for a fantastic piece of art.

Til M.
Santa Clarita, CA
couple of weeks ago i decided to get a new tattoo… but unlike my other pieces i wanted this one to be a work of art… I was very specific in my needs and wants from a new tattoo artist. so, after weeks searching for the right artist i found Gabor. i called his shop and was greeted by another artist by the name of Rob. let me tell you this, i was amazed by this guys warmth and genuine friendliness. after leaving a message Gabor promptly returned my call and we set an appt. to meet.
so, i set out for the 1 1/2 hr journey to his shop… upon walking into the shop the first thing i noticed was the incredible cleanliness of this establishment… the motif and visual presence of this shop made me feel like i was in a small art gallery rather than just another ink slingers hovel.
Then i was warmly greeted by both Gabor and Rob. they made me very comfortable and at ease with their presence, and they took as much time as I needed and answered all my questions. I’m no stranger to ink or the Tattoo machine and both these gentlemen knew their stuff. i actually learned a thing or two from these guys.
After agreeing to a price ( which was better than i expected) he begun his work diligently. Gabor was light handed, quick, and after a brief description free-handed my new piece of art to me exact specifications. and although he worked my arm as if it were his own the banter was entertaining and his work smooth and flowing. The combination of knowledge, cleanliness, and an incredible sense of customer service and satisfaction has sold me on this tattoo/art gallery..



Gabe is a great guy! He did my Celtic Sun & I WILL be back for more! Check out his Awesome new shop in Orange,Ca. Kimmy Mobley-Preuss, Cypress, CA (Facebook)

Very proffesional, he did my Celtic Iron Cross and his knott workis killer, I too am coming back for more! Glen Monroe, Big Bear Lake, CA (Facebook)

I’ve been coming back and cant stopgetting tats! I now have 3 tats by Gabe. He does an awesome job! I’m going backsoon, hopefully in a couple weeks. You get what you paid for is the saying. Its worth the price.
I recommend to go to Gabe if you want a good detailed tattoo.  Christina R.,  Garden Grove, CA (Yelp)

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