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My name is Gabe Csöbi. I have been tattooing all over the world since 1992. For a dozen of years I was being on the road around the world tattooing and owning tattoo shops in different countries from Europe to the USA. You can read more about me at “About Gabe”.

I can be found in my latest tattoo shop called Classic Tattoo Telki, Hungary. The Classic Tattoo Parlor is conveniently located with a 30 minute drive from the center of Budapest. 

My goal is satisfying all of my customers with my variety of professional custom tattoos. I may suggest either color tattoos, black & gray tattoos, fine line tattoos, traditional tattoos, oldschool tattoos, new school tattoos, Japanese tattoos/oriental tattoos, tribal tattoos, Polinesian tattoos, Hawaiian tattoos, Aztec tattoos, Celtic tattoos, fantasy tattoos, biomechanic tattoos, steam punk tattoos, hot rod tattoos, rockabilly tattoos, pin up tattoos, realistic tattoos, portrait tattoos, Gothic tattoos, family crest tattoos, biker tattoos, patriotic tattoos, religion tattoos, Christian tattoos, cartoon tattoos, feminine tattoos, girly tattoos, cover up tattoos, fix up tattoos, full sleeve tattoos, back piece tattoos or even body suit tattoos.

My main clientele is based on local residents and international tattoo fans from all over the world, for example, Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Have a good time exploring my website! You will find the best top quality tattoos here. Also, browse my tattoo gallery, check out introduction, videos, blog and more.

Feel free to contact me for an appointment or if you may have any questions or comments.

Let me artistically fulfill your dreams and ideas into the best tattoo work that you could ever imagine. Enjoy the animation that was created about my lifestyle in and outside of the tattoo world.

You can also check out my new website.

I hope to see you soon!


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